Brand Consistency and Material Design

Design is a very important part of every business. Yes, providing quality services and goods is the most important thing when you really think about it, but there has to be something that distinguishes you from all the competitors out there. This is why, when starting a business, it is important to focus on creating a powerful brand, as it offers numerous benefits. This is where brand consistency plays a major role, followed by an eye-catching design.

There are several reasons why consistency is so important and ways to get it done with the latest design trends.

Why is brand consistency important?

Brand Consistency and Material Design

There are many important factors that make brand consistency a must. The fact that there are numerous platforms where you can advertise your business is one of them. Guerilla marketing, TV ads, billboards, PPC ads, social media networks, website design, accompanied by numerous other marketing strategies and funnels. Consistency means that, no matter where your brand is advertised, there needs to be something that is going to grab people’s attention.

There are several important factors that make brand consistency an essential part of your your strategy:
It is a very powerful marketing tool – it is important to reach the level of uniqueness, where something from your advertising campaign directly hints at your product. This way, you are penetrating the minds of your customers in a subtle way. Being consistent is going to make people think about your products and purchase your services/goods at the mere sight of your logo.
Consistency is there to make people remember what your company stands for – creating a powerful message and being consistent with all those marketing funnels is going to increase the trust that your customers feel towards your company. It is very similar to getting to know a new person in your life. Over a certain period of time, once you make your customers happy, brand consistency is there to help people remember the good experience they have acquired by relying on your products or services. This kind of approach creates a base of loyal customers which is essential in any line of work. A good example of powerful brand consistency is Apple, a company which is currently the worthiest brand in the world. It has a unique logo, device design and operating system, it stands for the quality it delivers, which makes people feel that they can rely on their devices with confidence.
People connect to brands emotionally – have you noticed the word “feel” in the sentence above? It wasn’t used without a reason. There comes a point when people actually feel that they can trust a brand and are emotionally attached to the company they do business with. This is yet another important reason why it is imperative to stay consistent. For example, Coca-Cola has aimed towards connecting with people on a very personal level. In each of their advertising campaigns, they are stressing that celebration and happiness can only be experienced while you are drinking their product with your close ones. After some time, subconsciously, people get a coke when they want to simply hang out with their friends and family, as they connect these feelings with Coca-Cola’s product.

It is very important to establish this kind of consistency with your customers, as it will directly affect the future of your business.

How does material design fit in brand consistency?

Brand Consistency and Material Design2

There are several ways in which material design is a great choice for those who want to achieve consistency in their brand. First of all, it is a very simplistic approach that is pleasing to the eye. It was designed to bring together the best from both the real and the electronic world. The 3D feel of this lightly colored design is a very pleasant sight for everyone; it feels natural, yet simple. The best thing is that this design can easily be used for different purposes.
It is very useful for vector designs, and on the other hand, it also makes websites look beautiful. The fact that it was intended for seamless consistency on a variety of platforms makes this design one of the best choices if you want to establish a recognizable brand. Another interesting fact is that this design style is here to stay, as it is backed by one of the biggest companies today, Google.
So, if you are planning to start a business or want to rebrand an existing one, you should focus on brand consistency with the all new material design. This perfect combination will do wonders for your business.

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