Online Style: T-shirt Vector Images Redefine Fashion

Do you know how many unique and quirky t-shirts you see in the street are created by their owners using t-shirt vector files? Have you ever stumbled upon a “make your t-shirt” website? Most certainly you did, because this type of business is in full bloom.

Independent Fashion Designers

Everyone can be their own fashion designer these days. We can custom make shoes and clothes for special events using online tools. The most basic type of fashion we can create is the t-shirt with a message or image best representing us.

The idea of personalized t-shirts came from a need of expression. We had music bands t-shirts, motivational messages t-shirts, flower power revival t-shirts, dirty text t-shirts…But it was not enough and someone always ended up wearing a t-shit with a photo or message that did not really represent their views or personality.

Online Artwork Becomes Fashion Manifest

The idea of using elements of online communication into the offline (real) world is rather new but becomes a more and more powerful trend. In this article we find out that anti-globalization protesters use emoticons to send their messages in a direct manner.

In the same manner using t-shirt vector files to customize clothes, people are becoming promoters of their online likes and interests through the fashion style they exhibit. It is a sign of how much we are becoming immersed and connected with our online personality – to the point that we are letting our online activities dictate over certain aspects of our real life.

Cool or Rebel? T-shirt Vector Images Help You Define Yourself

Fashion labels follow trends. They need big sales and if you do not fit in with the ruling trend of the moment, then too bad for you. You have to stick with whatever the big fashion companies say you should wear.

Or you can break free from the trend and become your own fashion designer. You find a clipart file or a vectorized text and you realize – “that’s me!” It is exactly what you want to show the world and tell the people about yourself.

You are not short of resources, either. Any kind of vector image can become a t-shirt vector. Some of them are abstract, some are funny, and some are making powerful statements. But they are all ready available for download and to be sent to a make-your-t-shirt company to print on your clothes.

We Aim to Inspire

Our vector files are not meant to be used just in websites or graphic design elements. We would be proud and happy to see some of our graphic vectors on your t-shirts. Check out our selection of vector files and choose your favorite t-shirt vector.

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