You Might Be A Highly Creative Person If…

As a graphic designer, you need talent, training and creativity. How much of these and in what proportions? Thankfully, this is not an exact science (or many designers we know would be out of business), but one thing is certain. Creativity can be nurtured and influenced by your mindset, by your choices and by your lifestyle.

You maybe even more creative than you suspect. Or you could improve your creativity and boost your entire career. It depends on a few aspects regarding your life and habits. Therefore, you might be a highly creative person if….

You Are Capable of Self-Criticism

Admitting that your work sucks is hard. But it is also necessary if you want to improve your creative mindset. Be honest with yourself and don’t settle for mediocrity. Just like Michelangelo said, if the wine is spoiled, throw it away. If your design looks bad, delete the file and start all over again.

It takes courage to “kill” your own creation, but it will pay off in the long run. Bad designs let loose into the world will define you and your reputation. And since what others think about you influences your self-view, you will dwindle into mediocrity.

You Like to Try New Things

You don’t settle for the software and work techniques you’ve started out with. You want to learn more. You switch from print to web design and back, you learn 3D modelling, not just CorelDraw and you find inspiration in everything around you – from classic illustrators to street graffiti. Every day is a quest for new ways to express an idea in shapes and colors and you are not happy with any trend, but strive to add something to it and make it your unique style.

You Are Not Afraid of Failure

A famous poem stated: “If you can make one heap of all your winnings/ And risk it on one turn of pitch and-toss,/ And lose, and start again at your beginnings/ […] Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it”. Well, if you find yourself in these words, then you are a highly creative person who is not satisfied to stay on “safe” ground and do only work that brings the money, but also something that defines you, your personality and your vision. You may fail, you may be rejected, but you are not afraid of this prospect. You still trust your instincts and go ahead with it.

You Are Honest About Your Likes and Dislikes

You don’t follow a trend just because it’s highly monetized. You have no qualms about expressing dislike and coming up with something different, that really works for you and expresses your vision. You don’t like constraints imposed on your creative flow and you dismiss them accordingly. You refuse to get stuck in a routine or a work process that dampens your creative mood and find the power to break the vicious cycle, even if it means losing a client.


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