The Art of Omri Koresh – Giving a Human Face to Mythical Characters

It is not an easy job to create believable portraits of fantastic characters from books and mythology. It is very difficult to make them universally accepted by people who each have a different mental image of their favorite characters from, say, the Bible, or children’s book.

However, this difficulty did not stop illustrator Omri Koresh from trying, and our opinion is that he succeeded to put a face on famous mythical names.


Bible Characters Show Their Human Side

It is a hard job tackling biblical subjects. It is very easy to offend someone and to be labeled as a heretic (even these days). Omri Koresh’s attempt to illustrate famous Bible scenes is very brave on its own. And it is also executed with great talent and feeling.




The characters are extremely human and real, their emotions expressed with a lot of skill. The scenes are rendered in black and white and have a solemnity and depth in line with the theme.

Fantastic Scenes Come Alive

On the land of fantasy, Omri Koresh shows a great generosity in vibrant colors and surprising contrasts. The portraits are very rich in detail, almost similar to photo manipulations. Once again the great skill consists in making a perfect blend between the humanity of the characters and the outlandish quality of the landscape.





From the Gothic inspiration to fairytale characters, the artist has the ability to create a consistent impression of unity in creation – you can recognize his “hand”, his unique style no matter how different one image is from the other.

Alice in Wonderland

You cannot talk of the blend between fantasy and reality without taking a trip down the rabbit hole and into the quizzical world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Alice and the Mad Hatter are timeless characters for fantastic scenes and Omri Koresh shows his own vision in a lot of illustrations. He has a Tim Burton-ish approach, without being too dark and gloomy. The characters are alive, their vitality concentrated in their eyes or grins.



017-fantastic-portraits-omri-koresh© Omri Koresh

Approaching fantastic reality themes is tricky and can land a designer into the deep pit of ridicule. But Omri Koresh trusts his skills and he is right – he is up into our hall of fame for the best illustrators we know of.

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