Using the Shape Builder Tool In Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Our first Adobe Illustrator tutorial was well received by our readers, so today we continue, by popular demand, with a tutorial on another useful tool to help you create complex designs. We will show you how to apply the Shape Builder tool in order to merge several objects into one.

1. Getting Started





Open a new Illustrator file and adjust the settings. Next, add a few geometrical shapes which will be combined with the Shape Builder tool. For this tutorial, we selected a triangle, a circle, and a square.

2. Drag the objects close together


We bring together the three objects, until they are overlapping each other. Attention! The overall shape of the conjoined objects will be the final shape of the object resulting after we apply the Shape Builder tool. So, make sure that you arrange the items to form the exact shape you wish to obtain in the end.

3. Apply the Shape Builder tool (Shift+M)




Select the three objects and click on the Shape Builder tool from the tools panels on the Adobe Illustrator workspace. Alternatively, if you prefer using keyboard shortcuts, use the Shift+M keys combination. Move your mouse over the objects and you will observe the hover on effect. Now select one of the objects and a cut will appear in the object it overlaps. Your will notice a red line which marks the boundary of the combined objects once you release the mouse button.

4. Further Edits


Once you release the mouse button, the two objects are combined. Repeat the steps for the third objects. The final result will be one single object with the shape of the outer boundaries of the three combined object. You can continue to work on the resulting objects, for instance by deleting one of the overlapping shapes inside the combined object. Press on ALT key and click on the desired area.

Please continue to send in your ideas for tutorials and you will see them in our blog soon!

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