The Art of Minimalist Design: Jonathan Calugi

Ernst Hemingway had the talent to convey complex ideas in simple, short sentences. Jonathan Calugi does the same thing with graphic design. His artworks are the epitome of minimalist design and we really like them. There is something open to interpretation in a design which does not reveal all its meanings in full colors, but hints at them.

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The problem with some design pieces is that they leave no room for imagination. Just like a book where every move of the characters is painstakingly described, we feel frustrated when we are castillos hinchables forced somehow to adopt a view of a design, because there is simply no other way to look at it.


Too Much Detail = Too Little Meaning

When you decide to leave nothing to imagination, you condemn your work to a very short life and to a rigorous classification into a certain trend or purpose. Such designs will possibly bring you money and attention on the short time, but soon enough they will be “last year’s trend” and, thus no longer relevant.


Take Out the Clutter

Just imagine that you are on the tightest deadline possible. You have one hour to put together a graphic design piece symbolizing a theme or idea. You have no time to think of vermillion vs. chartreuse, to drop shadow or not or other fine details. All you have is just enough time to sketch an idea.

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Powerful ideas are usually expressed in a simple and direct manner. Jonathan Calugi has taken this art to unprecedented heights. We love the simplicity of his pieces and the clear cut contrast of every design. This is the stuff of timeless graphics, never to fall into obsoleteness.


Towards a New Design Paradigm

A lot of designers are asking themselves the same questions: have we reached the end of design? Have we over-saturated the public and now they will no longer pay attention to our works? Will our clients seek other ways of promoting their products and services?


The answer is both yes and no. Yes, the market is over-saturated. No, this is not the end of design, but the opportunity to reinvent it and to find new ways of expression. Simpler, richer in meaning designs will rule. As Jonathan Calugi shows it, simple does not mean amateurish. It takes great skill to make things look so simple and effortless in his works. Minimalist design is the new paradigm and the sooner we accept it, the sooner we can learn how to perfect each other’s individual styles.

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  • Jonathan

    Hi, i’m jonathan and i found your article! I haven’t your mail so i love to write here thanks for this. First time that i read something that i never explain but you had recognize in my design! A pleasure read your word! Thanks for this. You understand all my idea of work 🙂 Thanks.

  • VectorVice

    Thank you for your comment, Jonathan. I’m glad we managed to capture your creative mindset and if you want to share this article with your followers, it would mean a lot to us 🙂

  • Amazing Designs. The Outlines and lack of complete details, takes the viewer to the imaginary world.
    I am into Minimalism as well, but into photography.
    Here is a link to my work http://www.minimalistphotos.com/
    All the best.

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