How to Design A Fabulous and User Friendly Contact Page

Contact pages are often the “poor sister” in every website and blog. While every designer out there focuses on creating an awesome looking home page and great templates for e-shops, very few realize that once the potential client was impressed, the next step is to let them contact the company in a pleasant and easy manner.

A contact page must serve a few basic purposes: let a person send a message to a company through an online form, display the company’s headquarters address (with a Google Maps snapshot next to it) and its contact data – phone and email. This is the very basic information people expect to find on a website contact page. But you are a designer – you should not stick to the basics.

Contact Page with Personality

Depending on the specific of your client’s business, you should customize their contact page accordingly. A travel agent’s contact page can be customized to look like a letter envelope or a postcard.


If the client wants something special and quirky, then use a funny call to action in bold colors. This example is a really good one for the right audience.


Some people like it classy, others like it vintage. Whatever the style, make sure that you cover the main information you are supposed to provide. Never sacrifice utility over style.

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Keep It Simple and Clean


Sometimes less is more. A clean design in neutral colors with easy to read text and intuitive text boxes will always be appreciated, both by your client and his clients.


You can enhance the appearance and make it more user friendly with some intuitive icons, like the ones we prepared in this user interface vector pack. The rule of the thumb is: if a person who is browsing the internet for the first time understands what he has to do on the contact page, it is well designed.


Social Media Integration


These days, contacting a business is not restricted to sending an email or making a phone call. Companies are present on the social media and you should provide the direct link to their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages on the contact page. You can integrate the social media buttons very nicely together with the traditional phone and email buttons and create an overall easy to use, eye pleasing effect.


These simple tips are just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended) in designing a great looking and easy to use contact page. If you have other tips to share, we would love to hear from you.

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