Designing a Likes Bomb: Tips for Graphic Designers Working on Facebook Pages

Getting a Like on a Facebook page these days is like winning the jackpot. People are extremely picky these days on the social media. It is a matter of online reputation – you don’t want your friends to see that you liked a “lame” page.

Many advice, tips and tricks that used to work and make graphic designers’ life easier were rendered useless when the Facebook landing page disappeared and was replaced by the Timeline, restricting creativity to two main elements: the cover photo and the profile photo.

These are the two main elements where graphic designers can pula pula inflavel input some creativity and convince people to Like the page.

The Profile Photo


There are few options for the profile photo of a brand or company. You can either use the company logo or a very popular, easily recognizable product image as profile photo. Remember that when people search Facebook for a business/product, they will see the profile photo in the search preview tab. So

The Cover Photo

facebook cover king

You are restricted to 851 x 315 pixels so there is not much room for complex design work. However, you have to convey three important messages about the company/brand:

  • What it does
  • Why someone should like the page
  • What they can expect after they like the page


A great cover photo is one that says enough to get people interested and hints at much more. Its color scheme is a great blending between the branding colors and the Facebook colors. Remember that the basic color scheme for Facebook is blue and white.

Color Me Bright


Colorful cover pages are greatly popular. They pop out and draw the eye towards the most important element of the page – the Like button. There are many colors and shades that will highlight the Like button: red, yellow, orange, or pink. To make things more obvious, incorporating a pointed in the cover photo is a very obvious attention grabber. It works only if the whole design of the cover is somehow pointing to or focused on the call to action concept – getting people to Like the page.

Color Me Not


An understated cover page, in subdued monotones will also work. It must be in line with the brand you are promoting. You must apply the minimalist design technique to make a monotone cover photo grab attention, create curiosity and engagement.

Change Is Good

The most important strategy for keeping people interested is to change the cover page for special events, seasonal holidays and, as a general rule, at least once every 2 months. However, graphic designers must remember not to stray very far from the general branding colors and design. The people love change, but they still need to recognize the brand identity in the new design.

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