A Powerful Drawing Cannot Be Shred by Bullets

Today is a special day – a day that we wished to be regular. We wish we could have posted our planned article and discussed abstract ideas related to graphic design. But today is not a regular day. Today we have to stop and pay our respects to the assassinated cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris.

They were artists – designers, we may call them. They expressed their ideas in caricatures and they forced us all to think and doubt everything. Today they are no more, but their ideas will live on. The uproar caused by this senseless killing brought out fellow artists from around the world. They wanted to show, more than support for the victims, they wanted to prove that art cannot be silenced. Even with bullets.

A United Front

Today, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and elsewhere, your news feed is full of peaceful, but powerful responses to violence and death. Artists, designers, cartoonists from all over gonfiabili the world created moving tributes to the victims and to the idea they lived and died for: freedom of speech.

We must stop and consider our responsibility to defend the gift of freedom. It is not something we usually think of, but today we are forced to do so. In various places of the world, your creativity is not free to express itself. You would receive strict guidelines and harsh punishments would follow if you do not comply with them.

We are all responsible to defend our freedom of expression. We are all artists and even though we work with difficult clients and tight deadlines, our conscience and our creativity are still free and we must use them to express what we consider good and adequate.

The Pen Is the New Weapon

A peaceful stand for freedom is the most powerful way in which we can use our skills. The French cartoonists are gone, but their drawings will never be. They will be printed and shared and spread all over the world. And your work, whatever it is, is a part of the concept that the pen is mightier than the sword. An idea, an artistic expression, a spark of talent embodied in a design cannot be destroyed. They live on, way beyond their authors’ natural life spans.

There is no conclusion for this post. As long as violence persists, as long as there are places where people’s creativity is under constraints and censorship exists, we can only say one thing for certain: for every act of violence, there will be an overwhelming peaceful response that is stronger, more meaningful and long lasting.

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