What Will Be the Design Trends of 2015?

As 2014 is ticking its last hours, we are keeping our eyes ahead on the new year and one question keeps designers wondering: what design trends will 2015 bring? What will the market look like? Should I learn some new fancy software or work technique? Will my skills remain relevant?

Honestly now, we do not expect major changes from what we already know. Online design will continue to gain market share ahead of traditional print design. Multi-talent teams will have to work close together and integrate design, with copy text, with the selected exposure venue and try to get the attention of an ever apathetic public.

Here are our predictions, since this is the day and hour of acting the wise man from the hill:

1. Larger displays for mobile devices

In terms of design, larger displays, with improved color display capacity will mean that design for mobile users will be more and more complex and undifferentiated from design for computer monitors and print materials. Designers will be allowed more freedom in their creative process and there will be less and less restraints on what can be done in terms of layers, image size and color depth.

2. Responsive web design will become the norm

While right now RWD is still mentioned in brief specs, soon it will be the norm. Web designers will be expected to build every web design around the responsive web design concept. Less and less websites will have a start page asking users to choose their viewing device – computer or mobile device. The design will automatically adapt to the screen size for the best browsing experience.

This means that not just graphic designers, but also graphic designers will have to learn responsive design concepts, which are based on vectors. The pixel is losing the battle with the vector and more and more designs will be made with vectors, not rasterized.

3. Vector graphics will become more popular

As a natural conclusion of the two design trends specified above, the market for graphic vectors will experience a boom. More companies and freelance designers will request original vector designs and a rich offer in stock images to select from.

Vectors are extremely popular already among designers who have to create the logo and other visual identity elements for companies. These graphic elements need to be easily resized for every type of display size – from business card to outdoor banner. Vectors will also become the designers’ best friends when they have to comply with responsive web design criteria in their work.


We have to wait and see how many of our predictions for design trends turn out right. Until then, we sincerely wish all our readers a happy and prosperous new year.  See you in 2015!

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