Reinvent Yourself Every Day: Lessons from Illustrator Jason Levesque

Can you look back on your freelance illustrator career and portfolio and spot a pattern? A clear, easy to follow pattern? So easy that you can almost predict what your drawing style will be like one year from now? Some clients would call you a dependable designer. A good lad, never disappoints. Gives you no more and no less than what you expect from him.

Can You Spot the Pattern?

Are you smiling already, recognizing yourself in these words? Then you should stop smiling and start thinking instead. Think what creativity really means for you. Think back and remember your dreams as you started out and compare them with what you have now. You are an average designer with average clients.

And now look what you could be like. You could be like illustrator Jason Levesque. He is that type of designer whose portfolio does not follow a pattern. He surprises and intrigues some; shocks some. He is original and he creates exactly what he feels right, exactly what his inspiration tells him.

A World in Black & White

You may say he is embracing the Gothic trend. Jason Levesque can be a goth true and true in his designs. Look at the dramatic blend of black and white with a splash of red. The design is provocative and palpitating with a strange, seductive life of its own.

latrodectus skullface


A Symphony of Colors

But wait! Jason Levesque can embrace colors design an orchestra of pastels, of vivid tones, of pink, vermilion, powder blue, daring orange. He is a hedonist of colors and he is shamelessly turning his design into an expression of visual gluttony.

the_glutton loveandrockets


Or he can tone down his colors, go back to the basics and express an idea with a few simple lines and two undertones. Are you still with us? Did you manage to spot a clear pattern? Or did you get drawn into this world of possibilities?

biosphere looselips_raspberry

Could This Be You?

A world that could be your own. A world where every day starts from scratch and you are a new person, with new ambitions and powerful ideas. A world where you’re not a nice, dependable lad, but an artist, a master of his craft, never surrendering to the simple, obvious idea that everyone would find and use, but searching for something else. Searching for a unique way of expression, for a never before seen mix of shapes and colors that has a life of its own and never surrenders to the ordinary, to the common trend.

Have the courage to make that change. Have the courage to accept that art never apologizes and that you cannot impress anyone if you can’t shake them off their complacency. Reject the ordinary, reinvent yourself every single day. Be an illustrator, not a drawing tool.

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