Starting on Your Journey as a Freelancer

Do you remember your first days as a freelancer? The feeling that you have no idea what to do and whether you’ll be successful? And now you’re well established in your independent career. So, how would you encourage a newbie just starting out as a freelancer?

The First Thrills

Independence! This is the exhilarating first feeling when you decide to become a freelancer. You won’t have a boss anymore. No more boring commute to your office. You get to choose only exciting projects to work on. You will be successful and live a full life. You are ready to start on a fantastic journey and you are equipped with all the skills you need to succeed.

The First Disappointments

As the exhilaration is wearing off, you notice that your expenses become bigger than your earnings. There’s no paycheck coming in every month anymore. You pitched for some cool projects, but you didn’t get them. Finally, you end up by accepting a few insignificant projects just to make ends meet. They will not look good on your portfolio, but you have nothing else.

The Temptation to Quit

You are at the point when you realize that independence is overrated. With independence comes a great price: an uncertain future, no financial security. You are at the moment when you’d rather brush up your resume and start applying for full time jobs. Back to bosses, office hours and commute. But also back to financial security. And many of the budding freelancers actually do it, and relapse to their employee status. Because freelancing is not for everyone.

The Breakthrough

Freelancing is for the truly strong, independent characters. For the resilient ones.

Freelancing is for the truly strong, independent characters. For the resilient ones. For people with creativity, with a vision. It is for people like you, who need more than a warm cushiony job and a monthly paycheck. Freelancing is like a bold journey into the unknown, taken with the firm purpose that something good is expecting you once you arrive. There are no guarantees of success, but there is no joy and satisfaction in the place where you are now.
And finally, you get your breakthrough. After patiently working on small, insignificant projects, you get that big project you’ve dreamed of. You can unleash your creativity and become known for your talent and skills. The journey was long, but it was also worthwhile.

The Paradigm

There is a purpose in this article. Beyond encouragement for young freelancers. Actually, this article is a celebration of Columbus Day. And you, each of you who made this journey in freelancing, are the paragons of a model in courage and ambition – Christopher Columbus.

There are many similarities between your journey into the self employment world and Columbus’ journey into the New World.
Like you, he started out without having a clear idea of the journey. Like you, he had only vague ideas of his destination. And like you, he encountered many obstacles and hardships in his journey. But he made it. Just like you.

Happy Columbus Day!

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