How To Spice Up Your Presentation with Graphics

How To Design to Impress

Did you ever prepare to pitch a new client with an interesting project, and you felt like you had no idea how to start? A great idea is to have a some ready made presentations available. They should outline your skills and experience and how you propose to work on his project. It looks professional to look like you did your homework before you start pitching the client.

Professional looking presentations are not very long, are nicely formatted and don’t look cluttered with too much text and explain the salient points with graphics. This is absolutely essential, because you more or less prove your graphic skills by having the know-how to design your own presentation professionally.

What Type of Graphics to Use

A pie chart is a nice thing to have if you have a list (for instance, how you’ve grown your client base from start to present). A nice graph for the proposed timeline of the project will help the client understand exactly what you plan to do, in how much time and how much input you will need from him. Nobody likes to go out into the unknown with a new freelancer, without having some clear idea of what type of communication they will have along the project.

You should have a standardized header and footer for your presentations, like your personal branding. Decide on the colour scheme for titles and subtitles and what type of bullet points you want to use. Also include a few representative works from your portfolio.

Here’s how good graphics should look in a clean, professional presentation:

Dark background looks professional and is comfortable on the eye

good 1

Don’t splash the photo in the middle of the page, the text is king:

good 2

A pie chart must help people visualize, not confuse them:

good 3

How Much Graphic is Too Much

Well, you don’t want your presentation to look like a child’s colouring book. If there are more graphics than text, then you’ve got a problem. One, the client will get lost through the images and not read the text properly. Two, he will think that you try to distract attention from a poor presentation with too many graphic items.

To have an idea what not to do in a presentation, ever, here’s the walk of shame of presentations:

Do you make sense of this flowchart? Neither do we!

naspa 3

We guess the author of this loves the rainbow very much…

naspa 2

“And add a Ferrari in the background, that always sells”. Not!


The adequate text/graphic ratio it 75-25. So, if your graphics take up more than a quarter of the page, then it’s too much and you need to see what to take out. And always remember that most people scan a presentation page in a F shape. They read the first one-two rows, they move down the page and they stop to read a bit at the middle. Organize your material so that the best reading part is located in this F shape.

And now you’ve got enough information to build a killer presentation and get that client. Come back and tell us how you did, we’d love to hear about your success.

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