How to Make Your Cooking Blogs Stand Out with Food Art

Cooking blogs are rarely fun. Unless you are a top chef, with a TV show and some best selling recipe books, chances are you won’t get much traffic or make a lot of money with AdSense by running a cooking blog.

The huge offer in terms of cooking blogs is already overwhelming. From vegan to Dukan diet blogs, to Thai, sushi or Mediterranean recipes, there is very little you can do in terms of recipe to get people’s attention.

How Do I Make a Difference?

The question is not what type of cuisine you want to promote on your blog, but what type of people you want to attract. There is one particular group of people who are permanently looking out for recipes: harrowed parents, at their wit’s end. Parents with fussy children who refuse to eat their veggies and ask for pizza or hamburgers. Parents who try to make their kids eat healthy food but do not know how to make it look appetizing and fun.

The beauty of it is that you don’t even have to think of complicated recipes. All you have to do is to come up with simple, healthy snack ideas and focus on how the food looks.

food art

Food That Looks Cool

Think of what children like. Cartoon characters? Super-heroes? Animals! This is the simplest food theme that will transform any fussy child into a conscious, healthy eater. Food art with sandwiches is extremely easy and will make you extremely popular among parents. Here are just a few examples of what you could do:





Not a lot of hard work, is it? But it is really easy to prepare each of them or to come up with many other ideas.

Going Beyond Sandwiches

As you get more and more accustomed to this new type of cuisine, you will go beyond the simple breakfast snacks. Let your imagination run free and you will come up with awesome recipes that will look great. So great, that we wonder if kids won’t be upset to spoil the beautiful arrangement by eating it. But that will be for the parents to worry about, not you.




Cooking should not be a routine of chopping up ingredients and mixing them together. If you run a blog, you must remember that people’s attention span is short. By embracing the creative and fun side of cooking and serving food, you will stand out and get a lot of social shares for your recipes.

In the end, it will also be fun for you, too, to prepare these cool looking snacks and then enjoying them or serving them to your own kids (or the neighbor’s). So start getting creative and come back to us to share your successful cooking blog!

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