How to Find Inspiration on a Cold Rainy Day

It’s the kind of weather when your dog sleeps under the table and the cat on the sofa. The kind of day when you wish you were a pet dog or cat. But you have to finish that project for a client. You stare at the screen and….nothing. No ideas, no shapes and colours. No inspiration, but a cold, rainy void.

Well it’s time to be inspired! Just remember, reading what’s coming up next will seriously boost your creativity, so take this as a warning. You will certainly be busy all day.

How to Add a Little Fun

You can’t scream in space, but you can reach for an Oscar. This is quite a great spoof on the classic 2001: A Space Odyssey movie. Can you put in something funny in your designs? Most probably, yes, if it’s well executed and not offensive.



How to Add a Little Mystery

An endless dance is both a visual and mental stimulant. Where does the dance begin? Where does it end? Who’s leading, the boy or the girl? A little mystery and mental conundrum will make your design a winning piece.




How to Be Direct

Just do it, says the Nike slogan. And so do I. If you have a clear point to make in your design, execute it con gusto and don’t leave room for interpretation. Open-Close, that’s as straightforward as it gets.




How to Make People Watch

Remember those complicated and useless serial traps in cartoons like Tom and Jerry or Coyote and Roadrunner? They were hilarious, but set the expectation in us, waiting to see what happens next. If you’re doing a series piece, keep people guessing till the last moment.




How to Picture Evolution of a Product

Make it fun, make it fluid and entertaining. If you’re supposed to create a timeline of products, or a company’s achievements, don’t do it the boring, traditional way. Let your inspiration make it an Academy Award design with a twist.




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