Autumn Colors as Inspiration for Your Designs

Autumn colors are the most generous range of tones and shades to express various feelings and moods. It is the richest palette inspired from nature to use with confidence whether you want to develop a colour suite for your website, to decide on the colour range for a brochure, or simply to customize your business cards.


Warm Autumn Colors

The only issue at hand is to make sure you are using the colours from the same range and that they work together to create an artistic, pleasing effect. Let’s take a walk through the park among the trees. Their bark is dark brown, solid, giving an earthy confidence. Leaves are fallen down, crumpled and brown. Others have just fallen and still stand out with their brick red colour. Some of them still hang in there, on the branches, pale yellow, like tarnished gold. So there you are, dark brown – reddish brown – brick red – pale yellow, a suite of colours to use, that are perfectly complementary to each other.


Source: https://kuler.adobe.com/Autumn-Warmth-color-theme-81510/

Let’s go to the lovely English meadows where grass is dying out, but still painting the earth a deep, moldy green, while the reeds by the lake are olive green, and the maple leaves nearby are turning a deep purple. The carriageway is deep brown and here we are, ready to mark down yet another lovely colour suite.


Source: https://kuler.adobe.com/english-autumn07-color-theme-80375/

Cold Autumn Colors

Autumn is not just warm and bountiful, it can be chilly and overcast. A steel gray sky reflecting on the teal colored lake with the dark gray pebbles and the light olive dying grass creates a suite of cold autumn colors, very useful for many professional printings (gray and teal are perceived as colours denoting being earnest and dependable).


Source: https://kuler.adobe.com/Autumn-No-17-color-theme-81895/

To avoid your graphics looking positively frozen, add some beige. It is a versatile colour, it works in many combination and it still retains that earthy feel associated with autumn (at the beach, for instance). It complements dark blue, teal and olive green.


Source: https://kuler.adobe.com/Autumn-Wedding-color-theme-1053586/

These are just a few ideas, because autumn is so resplendent in colours, that you may find so many other wonderful colour combinations to revamp your graphics. But if you need further inspiration, you can check out our free autumn vectors pack.

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