Make hipster logo badge or banner part 1

Today we’re going to show you how to make a hipster badge and banner, using Adobe Illustrator.


Make some rectangles in illustrator like this. Make sure they are different nuances of the same color.


Now add an anchor point on the smaller rectangle and drag it to the right. You can do this by selecting the small rectangle, hitting A key and then selecting your pen tool to add the anchor itself.


Select two created shapes and make a copy of them (Control-C, Control-F). Then go to Pathfinder panel and press the Intersect button. Color the new shape in darker color.


Take the Direct Anchor Point Tool (A) and select two anchor points as shown in the image below. Go to Align panel and press Vertical Align Bottom.


You should get this:


Now all you need to do is get your upper rectangle “to front. Make a reflection of the darker objects and here you are.


Now select and group your banner, go to effects>warp>arc. Here you can play a bit depending on how much angle you want for your banner.


To add a stitched effect to your banner, before bending it, add some dashed lines on the upper side and down side of your banner. Then bend it.


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