Make any kind of Hipster mustache in 1 minute

Ever wanted to have the coolest mustache in town? Now is your chance.


First of all get yourself a new document in which you make a circle using Ellipse Tool or by pressing “T” on your keyboard.


Second step is to hit “A” key and select the “Direct Selection Tool” with which you will take the right point of your circle and drag it further away. You can also hold Shift key while doing this so that the point stays aligned to the center.


The next thing you want to do is select the point and then use “convert selected anchor points to corner” function to get the curve around the point into straignt angles.


You should be having something like this.


Now this will be the base shape of your mustache, you want to make it a brush now so that you can play with it more. Make sure you select art brush.


Keep all options the same and make sure your brush is heading towards the right.


Now you’re close to finishing your first mustache. Using the Pen Tool, draw a curve, it is the base of your mustache brush.


Now select the new brush to obtain this:


Now make a copy of it, right click on it, select Transform > Reflect > make sure it’s reflect vertical and put it into the right position to get a mustache.



You can play with many types of mustaches now that you have the shape as a brush.


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