Top Graphic Design Trends for 2016

Whether it’s graphic design or web design, fashion or home décor, trends come and go rapidly and each and every one of them leaves its mark on the market. Some of them stay for quite some time, while others quickly fade out before even reaching their full bloom. Following certain trends can be pretty fun, not to mention that it is an excellent way of enriching your work with new and fresh ideas once in awhile.

When it comes to graphic design trends, it’s important that you keep up with them and discover every new shift in the industry, so that you can gain an insight into what could be the next big thing that will greatly influence the market. That way, you will be able to stay on top of the game and try and make an impact yourself. Although 2016 is well underway, take a look at the top graphic design trends that you can still implement into your work and ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Material Design

Top Graphic Design Trends for 2016

Material design, also referred to as Flat 2.0, is a new version of the flat design that was introduced to the market back in 2006. It was refined and updated, but still greatly influenced by minimalism, which remains a growing trend nowadays.

The most common characteristics of material design are bold and vibrant colours, big typography and whitespace, as well as various effects in terms of light and shadow for a better sense of depth. Additionally, it incorporates motion through animation and cinemagraphs for a more realist sense, as well as card-based layouts that represent an excellent organizational tool.

This kind of graphic design can have quite a big impact on websites, because it helps increase page loading time and usability. This growing trend is extremely flexible and can be easily and beautifully combined with photography and different kinds of hand-drawn artwork, making it an even more important trend to follow.

Dramatic Typography

Top Graphic Design Trends for 2016 3

Dramatic typography is a graphic design trend that continually grows in popularity and it’s all about making a statement. It’s about creative and dramatic typography and putting big and bold texts to the center of attention with the goal of capturing the viewer’s eye with its bright colours, texture, size and the overall dramatic look.

This kind of typography creates a pretty loud statement, since it is large and, thus, eye-catching and very engaging. The message conveyed by the trend of dramatic typography becomes memorable and invites more people to come and take a look at what the message is all about, which is exactly why this trend is counting more and more followers and it will certainly continue to grow in popularity for many years to come.

Geometric Shapes

Top Graphic Design Trends for 2016 4

When you take a look at the geometric shapes and patterns on various modern websites, you certainly feel like you’re looking through a window to the 80s. The retro style is back and it brings a lot of features with it, including this growing trend that can be perfectly applied to backgrounds and graphic elements, as well as applied as an illustrative technique.

Geometric shapes are extremely eye-catching and can attract quite a large number of people, which is why it is becoming more and more popular in web design. It is even predicted that it will perhaps become one of the top web design trends for 2016.

Following certain trends just for the sake of it is definitely not something you should do. If you make a decision about incorporating the features of a particular graphic design trend in your website or decide to use them to make a business card or start your own design project, you should first make sure the trend you choose perfectly fits your desired project and, most importantly, your audience.

An interesting and very effective thing you can think about doing is combining these and many other contemporary trends to create an extraordinary design for any kind of project you indulge in. That way, you will craft something original and unique that will definitely lead you to the top and help you truly stand out from your competition, not to mention that you will gain many new customers and clients to work with.

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