Why Every Graphic Designer Should Have a Blog

Blogging is more than a trend these days. It is not something you do for fun. Some people live off the affiliate links on their blogs. Other become internet VIPs because of their blogs. What a graphic designer gets out of maintaining a personal blog is very valuable for their career – either as freelancers, or employed by a design company.

A blog is the best way to organize a portfolio and showcase your skills in the way you want. It is also your business card – the way you design it says a lot about your work, your talent and your commitment to quality in everything you do. A blog is your opportunity to raise other people’s awareness about you and your work. It is your free advertising and you should not spend another day not having one.

Portfolio Management

Sure, you have a portfolio on Behance and DeviantArt. But you are one username among thousands of others. Chances to be found are quite little, even if you list your profile as contact option on the social media. You may never get in touch with the right clients, because they will not find you.

When you run a blog, you have all spotlights directed on your work. You can update it as frequently as you want, organize it in any manner you want, showcase your most important work on the first page of the blog…Briefly, you are responsible both for the success and the failure of your blog. In any of the two cases no one but yourself was in charge with this critical aspect of making your skills known.

Gaining Authority

A blog is not just about sharing your portfolio. You should also share your insights, previous struggles and experiences as a graphic designer, your likes and dislikes. You should express your opinion on trends, on new developments in your field of authority. Share jokes, share tutorials and share advice.

Your blog is a huge opportunity to become a go-to source of information for other designers and they will freely share your articles, your portfolio – they will give you free advertising and recognition. This adds up to your reputation as a professional and will count a lot in the eyes of a potential client or employer.

Everyone can prepare a nice CV these days, but it is hard to check up all the details written there. As a result, CVs are no longer regarded as a very trusted source of information. But your online reputation will back up every claim you make there and will establish you as a professional with authority and expertise in the field.

Growing Professionally and Personally

When you maintain a blog as a graphic designer, you have to constantly seek for interesting links to share, stories to retell and artists to endorse. This will help you learn a lot, much more than just by doing research for a project. It will give you the opportunity to meet new people, some of which may be future collaborators, others clients. You will also meet your competition and realize how your skills and experience as a graphic designer compare to theirs.

All in all, it will help you become a better professional, and a better connected person. It will bring you the kind of consistent schedule in continued learning that you may lack otherwise and keep you informed of every aspect, technology or trend in your field of work. And, if you really want, once you gain reputation, you can even monetize your blog and obtain, if not actual money, valuable link exchange and promotion from other reputable bloggers.

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    BLOGGING is very important! Whatever business you have, blogging will help you, especially if you are a graphic designer. Since we are in a computer age, graphic designers are one of those who needs to have a blog. Blogging will help you to be recognized by other people and it might be the way for your success!


  • Really impressive information in regards to graphic design blogs and I am going to improve my skills for sure. Thanks for the valuable information.

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