How to Design a Fire Safety Poster Tutorial

Designing a fire safety poster is not very difficult, but it does not mean that we cannot make it as visually appealing as we can. Its purpose is to save lives, and it can accomplish that if it does attract people’s attention and makes them pay attention to it. This tutorial will show you how to create a well designed fire safety poster in Adobe Illustrator

 Step 1  – Choose the Format

A poster for fire safety must be visible from a distance in a crowded office building or in a school. For convenience, we selected the A3 paper format for this tutorial, but you can select an even larger size. You must always discuss with the client before starting the design and, if possible, visit the location and see where the poster will be placed. In this manner, you can imagine the adequate size for good visibility.fire safety poster1


Step 2 – Fill In with Color

There is a special kind of red called fire engine red or fire red.  You can sample it from this photo and save it in your custom color palette in Photoshop for future use. For an optimal contrast, the writing shall be in white. Do not try to reinvent the wheel, especially because warning signs are standardized and your client may reject your flights of imagination.

fire safety poster2

Step 3 – The Text

Just like the general design, the text for fire safety posters is also standard. There are a few basic rules you must comply with:

– use simple words and short sentences

– make the message easy to understand by everyone, even in emergency situations, when people tend to panic.

Use action verbs and bullet points or numbered lists, because people will see them as instructions and follow them.

fire safety poster3

Step 4 – Add Some Graphic Elements

One image is worth a thousand words, so a few simple graphic elements will make your poster even more efficient. The image of a fire alarm, a fire truck and a firefighter will create logical connections in peoples’ minds and they will know what they have to do, even if they did not read the text very carefully.

Graphics is always a powerful back-up, especially in the present days, when globalization bring together people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds – some of which may not speak English properly.

fire safety poster4

You can find the graphic elements for this fire safety poster in our Firefighters Graphic Vectors Pack together with various other fire safety themed vector files.

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