Tutorial for Designing Your Own Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and you are probably still looking for that perfect e-card to send to your partner. There are lots and lots of e-cards on the internet, but you want something special. Well, we are here to your rescue with a great idea:

What if you designed your own Valentine’s Day card in Adobe Illustrator?
The final result of our tutorial.

It is simpler than you thought and we are here to bouncy castle guide you in this step by step tutorial.


Step 1: Select Your Favorite Heart Shape


Look through our Valentine’s Day special vector pack and select your favorite vector element. Drag and drop it onto your workspace.


Step 2: Create the Background

Use the Rectangle Tool (press R on your keyboard) and fill it with the full gradient of the red color.


Choose the Radial type of gradient – which will make the rectangle light red in the middle and black towards the edges.


Use the Ellipse Tool (key L on your keyboard) to create a circle. Fill the circle with gradient – the dark tones of red color and don’t forget to set the opacity to 60% and the transparency mode to Lighten this way you will create a smooth transition to the bakground.


Step 3: Duplicate the Circle

Create a circle and duplicate and move the copies around as much as you think it looks like an awesome background



Step 4: Glowing Effect

Our entwined hearts look still rather dull, so it is time to make them glow.



Step 5: Add A Message

Use the Text Tool (key T) and…use your imagination to express your feelings. Be as romantic as you want – or choose a line from your favorite song. Either way, once you added the text, your 100% original Valentine’s Day card is ready. We picked the font Pacifico which is really free on Dafont.com


Also don’t forget to duplicate the text and make it black with an opacity of 60% to make a nice looking shadow for the text.


Congratulations, you did it!

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