Marcela Bolivar – Infusing Magic into Photography and Illustrations

We are living in a burdensome realistic world and every moment of escapism is valuable. Design has become functional and no-nonsense and creativity has been subordinated to corporate culture. For these and many other reasons we need more graphic artists like Marcela Bolivar.

Breaking the Rules

Marcela Bolivar could design company logos and corporate visual kits. But she wants her illustrations to be art, not just work. Her unique style is a perfect blend of real life photography and magical flights of imagination added in Photoshop. Each artwork brings surprising motifs – from ghosts to dreamy landscapes, from dark atmosphere to brightly colored apocalyptic images.


bolivar 2

Alice in Wonderland Meets Photography

Her favorite themes are whimsy magical reality scenes that seem to have jumped right out of a Tim Burton movie. The characters are ethereal, like wraiths wrapped in soft gauze. The blending of real photo and added layers of graphics is perfect, both visually and as concept.


bolivar 4

The rich complexity of each illustration is not visually fatiguing. There is order in chaos and every time you admire Marcela Bolivar’s work, you discover a new meaning, a new visual element, a different way of looking at the entire illustration.

Gothic and Steampunk

There is something deep, moody and moving in Marcela Bolivar’s dark side of creativity. Her photography manipulation pieces range from the traditional Gothic to the baroque complexity of steampunk and we can even detect a bit of Salvador Dali’s fluid objects lurking here and there.

bolivar 5



Her rich imagination creates improbably handsome and dark characters, complex backgrounds and the whole atmosphere of an Orwellian future. You cannot disregard her edited photography work – either you love it, or you hate it. But it is impossible to ignore the image staring back at you through a million hidden eyes.

bolivar 6

Finding Inspiration In Unlikely Places

We decided to feature Marcela Bolivar as our artist of the week because we could not fall back into our comfortable design work after browsing her portfolio. It is impossible not to find inspiration, even in her darkest pieces. It is the type of work that pleases designers and photographers – and this is a rare feat. It speaks out to the optimists and pessimists. Finally, Marcela Bolivar’s talent is simply breathtaking and our purpose is to promote talent and unique creativity.

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