Can You Return to a Freelancer Career After Employment?

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You thought that this job was the answer to everything: a steady source of income, no more chasing after clients to pay your invoices, order in your life and a clear work schedule. But something happens (it is life, so it always does). The company decides to let go of you or you decide you don’t want to work there anymore.


Can you go back to being a freelancer? There are various issues that you need to clarify in your mind before reviving your network of clients. You have to think hard and to be ready to accept the impact of the big changed before you go posting your availability for taking up projects. Because, since you were employed, a lot of things have changed – and most of them have changed within you.


1. Can You Manage Your Money Properly?


The steady monthly paycheck is gone. For a while, until you get the first contracts, you have to live off your savings – if you have them. Usually, parting ways with an employer doesn’t happen overnight, so you have time to put aside some money from your last salary to pay the bills and stack your fridge for 1-2 months.

There will be no more whimsical spending for a while and fewer nights out as a freelancer. Do not start spending as soon as you start earning money from contracts. You are still newly back in the freelancing game. Before you build a solid client base again and you get a continuous flow of income, you will have to learn to save every cent and spend only on the daily necessities.


2. Can You Manage Your Time Efficiently?

Freedom! No more waking up early in the morning! No more commuting! It is exhilarating to realize that you have all the day to plan as you want. You can go out, come back in, take a nap and you aren’t accountable to anyone anymore.

This works fine for the first week of exhilaration. But after this, you must set a clear schedule for each day. You don’t go to the office anymore, but you still have a job to do – you are a freelancer, not the heir to a fortune. You cannot afford to miss a deadline and to have an unhappy client, especially at the beginning. While you have not got all your connections back, you cannot risk a bad review.


3. Can You Deal With the Paperwork Again?


You have to draw up contracts, follow them up, issue invoices and see that they are paid on time. You have to prepare your tax returns by yourself and do some bookkeeping. After not having to worry about these details while you had a job, can you start doing them again and not forget about any critical document or deadline (such as submitting your annual revenue report)?


Being a freelancer after you had a job is hard. All the commodities – such as an accountant paying all the taxes for you, a team leader managing projects and setting deadline, free coffee and a steady income – are gone. You are out in the unknown and you have to make it on your own. Otherwise, you should start looking for a new job.

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