Elyse Graham – Being Honest in Creativity Is a Must

Today we showcase the work of Elyse Graham, a complete artist who shapes and adds color to jewelry pieces and abstract cluster and geodes sculptures. Leaving conventions aside, Elyse shapes her work in accordance to her mood and creativity.

There is a sharp contrast between her two main lines of work: geodes and clusters. The ability to work in two contrasting directions is a sign of a rich creativity, set free and unbridled by constraints. In a world dominated by trends, Elyse Graham chose her own path and succeeded. She is not a trendsetter, either, because any attempt to copy her unique style would lose its freshness.

A World of Colors

The geode slices are a study in mixing colors and shaping random patterns, which make sense when they are watched together. Every piece is unique and impossible to recreate. It is a sole instance of harmony between colors and unconstrained shapes. In a world of rigid geometry, Elyse Graham’s geodes are a vivid protest against rules and repetition.

In terms of design, these geodes are the contrary of every prescription. The colors are flowing and mixing together, shapes are created by chance and there is no single rule that governs the creative process. But there is something uncannily logical in each of them, a meaning, a feeling which encapsulate a east jump little of the artist’s state of mind. They capture a unique moment of inspiration and this is what makes them special.

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Dark Monotones

Getting away from vibrant colors, Elyse Graham builds spherical dark clusters, reminding us of grapes or a strange, alien growth. Oddly overbearing, dark and gloomy, they create a vivid impression of inner spiritual strength.

Elyse Graham’s clusters are a trip into the dark side of creativity, an expression of the counter-pull of creative forces, that need expression in this solid and uncompromising manner.



Best of Both Worlds

Just when we had Elyse Graham’s work nicely categorized, she surprises everyone with her jewelry, where we recognize the vivid colors of the geodes and the cluster shapes, blended together in beautiful coexistence.

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Why does this combination work? Because it is an honest artistic expression. Whatever she creates, however improbable, it is a true expression of her state of mind and inspiration. It does not look forced, coerced by contractual obligations. It is a free form of art.

And this is your biggest take from today’s blog: work as if you don’t have a deadline. Be honest and free in your artistic expression. Don’t force design out of you, let it flow naturally. A designer is not a laborer, he must first and foremost remain an artist.

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