Andrew Myers – Artistic Design Can Be Made From Everyday Tools

Artwork comes in many forms and can be made from various basic materials. Art is laborious, but sometimes it can be a pain…literally. The artist who can attest to this is Andrew Myers, who creates beautiful, realistic portraits with screws.

Yes, that is correct – screws, the kind that keep together your chair and desk, can be arranged on a board and give life to people’s faces, in rich tones and shades. But that’s not all! These portraits are made in 3D, giving them an eerie realistic appearance.



Understanding the Concept of Artwork from Scraps

Great design compositions do not start out magnificently. Remember that even Michelangelo started working on refused, chipped slates of low quality marble. Rembrandt was mixing his own colors from scrap and even Leonardo da Vinci’s first painting was on a slice of wood.

Andrew Myers found an artistic way of using screws. He realized that, put together in a certain way, screwed in a board to a shallower or deeper degree, they can form an image that is both artistic and coherent. Before him, nobody would have thought to make portraits using a handyman’s tools of trade.




Extrapolating the Concept

Everything can be turned into great design. Every idea, no matter how crazy it seems in the beginning, can be worked in such a way as to express something visually appealing and rich in meaning. There are talks among professionals whether graphic design is dead and it is true that traditional design is dying out.

A designer is as good as the span of time that people who see his designs are paying attention to it and understanding its idea. And people’s attention span is growing smaller and smaller, in opposite proportion to the number of images and messages competing for their time and perception.

A New Future Shaped By New Artists

People like Andrew Myers keep design alive by reinventing it and finding a new edge to it, or a new niche, as marketing people say. Whatever graphic design will be like, it all depends on you and your creativity. You must set yourself free of old rules and limitations. You must accept that the technical environment has changed and that people’s expectations have become more and more exigent.


Being different is the new rule and you must follow it if you want to stay relevant. We no longer look at billboards, but browse websites on our smartphones and buy things online from our tablet. We don’t print as much as we used to, but expect flexible design, that adapts itself to each screen size available on the market. We need more people like Andrew Myers to keep design alive.

In His Own Words

“I tried to take sculpture to a whole new level, making it more modern and narrative. I didn’t want to pursue the perfect figure my whole life, because, even if it was the “perfect figure”, I wasn’t seeing what I wanted to see. So I let the pressure go, and decided I didn’t have to create the perfect figure, but I did need to create something meaningful and visually enticing. “

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