A Few Useful Tips About Rebranding Your Logo

Every once in a while you need to rebrand your business in order to mark its evolution, and your logo must be updated along with your visual identity. There are various pros and cons for updating your logo, but the main point is to make it memorable and to be certain that people don’t get confused and that they can associate your new logo to your company without efforts.

Basically the best advice regarding logo rebranding is that you must make a smooth transition from the old one to the new one. Here are a few useful ideas to help you in your rebranding process:

  1. Do not run away from your original logo completely

Redesigning your logo from scratch is not recommended in any situation. If you did some previous branding and marketing efforts, they will be lost. Customers will no longer recognize your logo, or they will simply hate the new design. The best options are a new, stylized font, and simplifying your graphics around it. In this respect, Starbucks did a great job with the rebranding.

  1. Your Design Must Say Something About the Change

Did you acquire a new field of operations? Have you changed your target market? Are you spreading your operations internationally? Then each of these strategic changes should be reflected in your new logo. When Apple decided to become a fashion icon in the gadget world, they promptly dropped the rainbow color and made their logo solid silver.

  1. Keep Your Name In the Logo

Unless you are a globally renowned brand, you should include your company name in your logo. Otherwise, people will have some difficulty recognizing your business. Dropping your name from the logo is a sign that you are so well known, that people all over the world associate your logo design with your company. Nike is such an example.

  1. Make Sure It Looks Good In All Sizes

Some logos are so intricate, that you can fully appreciate them when they are blown up to outdoor advertisement size. Remember that you must print the same logo on your business cards and official documents header. A great logo is simple, can be resized without making it hard to decipher and does not include more than 2 colors.

These being said, you need to plan a communication campaign and make sure people understand why your company makes the change. Share the rebranding as great news, a positive experience for your clients, the start of a new era when you can serve them better, understand their needs clearly and provide them with better value for their money.

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