How To Use Shortcuts to Increase Productivity

Why Shortcuts?

Do you know that moment when the time is short, you’re paid by the hour and every few minutes you need to navigate through 2-3 menus and sub-menus? Even when you are writing a report, you need to do some formatting every once in a while. But when your job is graphic design, when every new layer, colour, shading, etc. needs clicking and clicking some more, you see time running out while you’re behind with your work.

And that’s why shortcuts were invented. There was someone, in every software building company, who was behind with their tasks and sighed out in frustration: “Why can’t I just do this from the keyboard?” And soon enough, developers realized how easy workflow gets when you don’t have to stop and click for every functionality or tool.

 How Do They Help?

Using shortcuts is a great time saver. Soon you will learn each of them by heart, and you remain focused on your work, looking at the details you want to add, not at the menu bar searching for the right tool. Plus, hasn’t it happened to you that you had a great idea, and just lost it while looking through menus for something? If you don’t have to worry about this, you can focus entirely on your creative flow. Look at me typing right now. I focus my eyes on the screen, making sure that I am conveying the right message. I don’t have to look at the keyboard to see if I’m pushing the right keys to spell correctly. And if you want some nice bullets, or italics to make this text fancier, I can do it from my keyboard, too, without searching through the menu of my text editor.

Using shortcuts in graphic design is pretty much the same thing. You need a little time to learn all shortcuts, then it will be second natures to use them when you need them. There is nothing more annoying than stopping mid work because you need to change a brush type, or the colour palette. Or to add some extra shade to 3D text.  These are the sort of usual nagging things which make you lose most of your time.


How Much Time Do I Save?

How about nearly 20% of your effective working time? This means that every 5 days of work you gain one extra day to take up more work or to take the day off. It’s incredible how apparently little things add up so much and we realize that we are losing valuable time because of them.

Can you calculate how much time you’ve been saving since you started using shortcuts? Let’s see who is the biggest time saver among our followers. We’d love to hear you bragging about it.

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