Easy Halloween Decorations Anyone Can Make

It’s the time of the year when spooky ghosts and scary witches invade our world. Zombies and aliens, pirates and Frankenstein’s monster shall walk down your street…and you still have no idea how to decorate you house and garden. As the countdown to Halloween nears 0, let us help you with a few quick and easy ideas.

Creepy Ghosts

Do you have a spare white sheet? Good! Then put it over your head and cut two holes where your eyes are situated. Next, inflate a balloon, tie it down to the ground with a string tied to a wood stick planted firmly in the ground and put the sheet over it, fixing it onto the balloon with a bit of scotch tape. Now you have a creepy ghost haunting your front garden. Or as many as you want (depends on how many sheets you are willing to sacrifice).

bedsheet ghost

Spooky Spider Webs

Could you part with a few garbage bags? We think so. Then take a pair of scissors and a Sharpie pencil. Cut a triangle from the bottom corner of the trash bag. Draw a thick line from the folded point out to the end of your triangle. Then sketch some curved lines out of the main line:


Cut out the gray parts you see in the above drawing. Once you unfold it, you will have a scary spider web to hang at your windows with some scotch tape. We bet your neighbors will think twice before entering your house this Halloween!


Scary Bats

We have ghosts, spider webs, now let’s have some bats. Buy a few yards of black cardboard paper. Draw a bat figure (you can find a lot of templates on the internet for inspiration) and repeat it as many times as you want – or as much paper as you have. Cut out the pattern, stick two eyes made of white paper and punch a hole at the bottom. Pass a string through the hole and then hang you spooky minions onto tree branches or window sills. For an extra spooky effect, add a few threads cut from a plastic bag to make noise when the wind blows.

halloween bats

Frightening Bloody Hand Prints

If you don’t mind a bit of cleaning up after Halloween, you could paint your hand with red watercolor paint (not oil paint, you will never remove it with your regular detergent) and leave some creepy bloody hand prints on your front door.

No Halloween without Jack-O-Lantern

With some time to spare before Halloween evening, you could also go to the local market and get yourself a pumpkin to turn into a creepy Jack-O-Lantern. Or you could get 60 of them from us, at a super discounted price, to add a final touch to your preparation: creepy e-cards for your family and friends.


Happy Halloween!


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