New on Adobe Photoshop CC Update


Adobe has been busy lately bringing new changes and features to the Photoshop CC platform. Let’s check out these changes with Adobe Photoshop CC.


Smart Object improvements

You can now link Smart Objects so that your document size stays smaller by automatically packaging them in a single directory. You can also convert your existing embedded Smart Objects to linked Smart Objects. Additionally users can share the folder inside the cloud when sending documents to work parties so Photoshop file stays small and sending it is more facile.

Typekit enhancements and integration


Whenever you open a file with missing fonts Photoshop automatically replace missing fonts from your document with the ones installed on your system so that you don’t have to track down the fonts yourself. Another feature is the font preview. When your type layer is selected, fonts can be previewed in real time as you jump from one to another without having to select and change it to the new one. This of course brings a huge amount of time saving in the process of searching for the right font for your design. Even more users can search through the font list based on different attributes like “bold italic” or “narrow”, for those times when you need something very particular. The Typekit Integration allows you to access your Typekit account and search for new fonts for download and usage. This can be done directly from Photoshop.

Expanded Mercury Graphics Engine support


Upsampling images now can be done 15 times faster according to the new update. This is possible with the support of Mercury Graphics Engine which delivers an OpenCL performance boost. The engine powers new Blur Gallery motion effects as well and the Focus Mask feature.

Improved Layer Comps

Synchronization of layers is now saving a lot of time. You can change the visibility, appearance, position on any layer in the Layer Comp and have it Synced with the others. It is also very easy to see attributes of each Layer Comp and toggle it within a Smart Object. Very simple to edit and navigate in the panel, update positions of the layers for all of the comps within the panel or change characteristics for a select amount of Comps.

Blur Gallery motion effects


The new Blur feature can be mounted on a path or used as a circle or elliptic blur. The big advantage is that now with the Mercury Graphic Engine, all Blur Gallery interactions will be fast and fluid. These motion effects can be added along the path with the new Path Blur effect. The filter being added is non-destructive and can be edited after application. As expected the path set by the filter determines the direction of the blur. The direction, speed and blur effect is adjustable and as well the way the blur tapers at the end of the path. These global settings can be edited at any time and be applied to other Blur effects. Curving the blur along the path can be done by dragging the midpoint or the added points. The shape of the blur can be changed by dragging the center point of an endpoint adding additional curved and bubbling to the motion blur. Strobe strength and Strobe flashes can be added to the blur to mimic a rear curtain synchronization with your image or any other effects.

The Spin Blur is a non-destructive smart effect that applies an ellipse over an image. The ellipse can be modified in size, shape and rotation, as well as the amount of blur applied to the area behind it. The feather handlers allow you to change range of distance from the blur area to the edges of the ellipse, giving a seamless application of the effect. Strobe effects and flashes are also added and can be set in Motion Blur Effects so that you can make the blur have a more photographic effect in comparison to regular Photoshop filters.

Expanded 3D printing capabilities


3D printing is done more easily with enhanced capabilities. You can see exactly where and how Photoshop repaired your 3D meshes so it’s easy to refine your designs in third-party 3D modeling software. Models made in Photoshop can print directly from the program to a 3D printer. Accuracy is being solved by previewing and also support for 3D printers and services.

Focus Mask

The new Focus Mask tool helps selections based on focus/out of focus and depth of field of an image. You can manually define the amount of the photo that is in focus from the commands options or use the automatic settings so that you get an accurate selection. You can include or exclude portions from the selection by using Add Tool or Subtract from Brush. The edges of your selection can also be adjusted by turning on Soft Edge option, depending on the style of the edge you want to see from your selection. Focus Mask works great with portraits and other images that have shallow depth of field.

Adobe Generator enhancements

The Generate Image Assents command creates a new folder holding all assets from the active image. This is especially helpful in distribution for printing, web design or app design. Generator also offers new APIs so developers can create even more powerful plug-ins.

Workflow Enhancements

Some workflow enhancements have been added so that you can Work faster and smarter thanks to new features. Now you have access to an expanded Color Panel; you can access your most recently used brushes, sync your workspaces, keyboard shortcuts, and menu customizations with Sync Settings; and more.

Smarter Smart Guides

v6_Distance measurement

The Smart Guides are much better now, allowing you to align your objects quickly in relation to one another and seeing real-time measurements displayed while moving object around so you can put in content with maximum precision.

Content-Aware Improvements

Content-Aware Fill, Move, and Patch have all been updated so areas in an image that contain gradients, such as a sky, will easily blend for seamless, realistic results.

Improved Stylus Support for Win 8.1

In the past, Photoshop CC was a bit choppy on Windows 8.1 devices (including graphics tablets). Now users can enjoy smoother lines from brush strokes due to higher-frequency sampling within real time.

Adobe Camera Raw 8 enhancements

Heal images, fix perspective distortions, and create vignettes with greater precision. Plus, access an interactive histogram, before/after previews, and more.

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